The fine-looking Mediterranean country of Cyprus is another endpoint of choice for many Indian students. With several world class colleges, Cyprus is a good choice to Study MBBS in Cyprus. Cyprus is hallowed with natural beauty and has one of the healthiest environments in the world. The Education system is same as that of American System with excellent facilities for social, cultural and sports activities.

Top Reasons To Study Mbbs In Cyprus

  • Cyprus is a member country of European Union (EU)
  • Free from any kind of pollution
  • Cost of study is much lower compared to that of USA and UK while level of education and infrastructure facilities are same.
  • The country is free from all political disturbances; hence safe environment can be maintained
  • Students can easily get visa in advance
  • Students are permitted to do part time job upto 20 hours a week during their study period

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students intending to Study Mbbs in Cyprus must have completed a secondary level education or the equivalent of twelve years of schooling.
  • No IELTS / TOEFL required in most of the colleges.

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