MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

Searching for the Top Consultantfor your MBBS Study Abroad then, Yash Overseas you partner cum guide for your accomplishment in getting the admission abroad. MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery – is a professional degree gained in medical science. Yash Overseas is your one-stop solution for offering professional consultancy services to the aspiring students who wish to pursue a lucrative career in the field of MBBS. MBBS course is a well-known educational degree which is gaining huge thrust in recent times. We are recognized Consultant based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat having various offices across India and globe. We are here to help you and fulfill their dream of becoming doctors in abroad countries. For many Indian students looking for a diverse educational experience and high-quality education, Studying MBBS overseas has become a desirable option.

MBBS Abroad Consultancy in India

In India and globally there are millions of people appearing for competitive MBBS examination but are failing miserably to get the seat. MBBS course abroad are having the syllabus that includes studies on anatomy, pharmacology, pathology as well as community health & medicine, pediatrics, and surgery. We are offering you with MBBS Admission Consultants with a team of experienced professional, who will guide you with the right counseling and advice to attain a career in MBBS in abroad countries. Yash Overseas – is your partner for consulting the students to gain the admission for the students who do not get a seat in medical colleges in reputed colleges of India can take the help of ours to get a seat in top universities in different countries. We are expertise in the field of counseling from last 10 years. We have been providing admission guidance not only in India but also globally.

We are dealing with different countries like Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, USA, Germany, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Cyprus, China, and Singapore. Moreover getting a MBBS admission in India in reputed college is very tough for the Indian students due to the low seats and high applicants and the fees structure in private colleges are like touching the sky. The universities across the globe are recognized by MCI, WHO, ECFMG, WFE, AMEE, FAIMER, IMED and the degrees are valid not only in India but also in 142 countries. Here are some of the benefits that you get on availing services of foreign study consultancy for Studying MBBS in Abroad. We have sent many students to different countries. If you are searching for MBBS Abroad Consultants then you can blindly choose Yash Overseas as it is one of the Best MBBS Abroad Consultants in Ahmedabad .

Study MBBS abroad as per new NMC gazette

In India there is huge number of students whose dream is to become a qualified doctor. Since their early age parents, teachers, relative and all the influential people in Indian society influence them to study either medicine or engineering. Over the years, studying medicine abroad has grown in many folds. While each and every country has its own set of rules and eligibility criteria for Indian students wanting to pursue their MBBS abroad, besides today we are going to talk about the general eligibility guidelines for Indian students willing to pursue MBBS among the top countries overseas. Students can read on to find a detailed list of eligibility criteria along with a step-by-step guide to the admission procedure to apply for MBBS abroad.

The students who are willing to Study MBBS in Abroad should possess the basic qualification to take the admission in any university or college. Before getting into the process of admission in MBBS Abroad let’s take a look at the eligibility standards as follows:


Study MBBS Abroad Eligibility

  • The students should have complete 18 years on or before the time of admission.
  • Should have a passport ready before the commencement of the session.
  • Students should gain atleast 50% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology for getting the admission.
  • A medical certificate is mandatory for the student, mentions the applicant is not suffering
    from any contagious disease, i.e. HIV AIDS, Tuberculosis, etc.
  • Students should posses the basic qualification that is 12th passing with subjects
    like Physics, Chemistry, Biology from recognized board like ICSE, CBSE and other State Boards.
  • Students require appearing and qualifying in NEET 2024 which is conducted by NTA.
    Further the minimum passing marks for general category candidates in 134 and
    for ST/SC/OBC category students are 107.

Further, each and every country has got their own criteria for getting the admission. Above mentioned are the general norms for Indian students looking to study MBBS abroad. So, if you are planning to study MBBS abroad and matching up the above-mentioned criteria, then hurry up and start applying for 2024 academic sessions at the Top Government Medical Universities of Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, China, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, USA, Germany, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Cyprus, and Singapore.

Which Country is Best for MBBS Admission?

Each and every students willing to do MBBS abroad, is searching for the top-ranking universities in the world at affordable fees and better quality education system. Doctor, it is one of the most respectable professions! If you are bemused about which are the top countries to Study MBBS for Indian Students 2024, you can catch a look at the following list and university suggestions. There are plenty of reasons following the difficulty, therefore, different countries have come forward with a approach of providing medical education that is not only existing at a reasonable cost but it is applicable all over the world. It is important to have qualified, hard-working, dedicated and trained doctors so that they can look after the sick people and cure their sufferings and help them in leading a normal life.

MBBS Admission Abroad

MBBS in Georgia

Georgia is a European nation which is located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and West Asia. Georgia has higher literacy rate and considered to be one of the best places to study medicine in the world. The Georgian government is unitary and semi-presidential in nature and is elected by democratic means. Further the admission process for Studying in Medical College in Georgia is very simple and hassle free. The admission of MBBS is done on the basis of the marks obtained in class 12th. There are many MCI Approved Universities in Georgia and students planning to get admission in the Top Medical Universities in Georgia don’t have to give any entrance test and admission is granted on the basis of the marks obtained in class 10+2. After completing your MBBS from Georgia, you can directly apply for a screening test to get license to practice.

The Medical universities and colleges in Georgia offer rich quality education with affordable cost as compared to other foreign countries. The facilities and infrastructure provided to the students are world class. After completion of MBBS in Georgia, the students have an ocean of opportunities in front of them. The student who has an MBBS degree from a medical university in Georgia is suitable for appearing for diverse international medical entrances. Private medical colleges charge lakhs as tuition fees. Whereas, MBBS in Georgia offers more seats and has a low fee structure. Georgia is also a great place for students who are enriched and welcoming nature towards international students.


MBBS in Russia

Study MBBS in Russia - MBBS in Russia Fee Structure - MBBS in Russia in full English Medium - Best MBBS University in Russia for Indian students - MBBS Admission in Kazan Federal University Russia - MBBS in Russia Fee Structure 2024 - Study MBBS in Russia 2024 - MBBS in Russia for Indian Students 2024

MBBS in Russia is most demanded by the students willing to study abroad. Russia is recognized for its excellence in teaching and research. Getting an MBBS degree from Russia is very cheaper as compared to European Universities. Compared to other universities the cost and fees of Studying MBBS in Russia is low and reasonable. MBBS in Russia signifies to be one of the preeminent selections for pursuing MBBS in Abroad. Further studying MBBS in Russia is becoming popular among the Indian students as it gives high quality education in affordable cost. Colleges in Russia are having a high infrastructure, exceptional faculty and offer a best quality of medical education for MBBS aspirants.

Russian medical universities propose reasonable fees and well-furnished lodgings for students. The MBBS degree awarded to the student after completion of MBBS in Russia with MD (Physician), which is equivalent to MBBS in India. Russian Medical Universities are well recognized by MCI and international bodies like WHO, UNESCO. Russian Universities offers customized programs for the benefits of the students. Students can opt for short programs such as summer university, a semester in Russia, summer schools, preparatory programs, professional training and also opt to learn the Russian foreign language learning programs. The course duration for the MBBS Course in Russia differ with the outline of study at university. The eligibility criteria for MBBS in Russia for Indian Students show the relaxation in assessment with MBBS in India. The medical universities of Russia have a universal reputation and recognition. Many of the world’s bigger medical organizations and councils have familiar Russian Medical Institutes.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan - Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan Fee Structure 2024 - Admission to Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan Indian Students - MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 2024- Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan - Krygyzstan MBBS Universities to Study Medicine - Study MBBS in top Medical Universities of Kyrgyzstan - Best Place to Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a country in Central Asia, with the official language Kyrgyz and Russian. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is a golden opportunity for medical students who want to study abroad in a budget. There are many MCI approved medical universities in Kyrgyzstan with quality education which is already established a milestone for the Indian students as well as for other foreign students. Indian Students mostly refer to go for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan as it gives the cheapest MBBS in the world. On an average the package offered for MBBS is under 18lacs which includes tuition fees, hostel fees and mess fees for complete duration. Now a day, the number of Indian students going to this country had increased each and year. The cities are not so costly; with the reasonable cost of living you can get many destinations for travel and world-class cuisines. Currently, on an average more than 5000 Indian students are studying in different Universities in Krygyzstan.

The culture of Kyrgyzstan has strong Persian, Mongolian, and Russian influences. Kyrgyzstan features a parliamentary representative democratic republic government with executive powers. In Kyrgyzstan, not only Indian students but from other southeast countries like China, Pakistan, Bangladesh also studies MBBS. The MBBS course duration in Kyrgyzstan is 6 years. Medical Universities developed and approved by MCI also accept education loans for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. Being concerned about accommodation facilities when getting to study MBBS in abroad is genuine. Do not worry, as all top medical universities of Kyrgyzstan offer healthy hostel facilities to make sure the quality of medical education in Kyrgyzstan.


MBBS in Philippines

Study MBBS in Philippines - MBBS in Philippines Admission Process - Advantages of Studying MBBS in Philippines - Study MBBS in Philippines 2024 - MBBS in Philippines for Indian Students - Eligibility Criteria To Study MBBS in Philippines - Which university is best for MBBS in Pphilippines - MBBS in Philippines for Indian Students Fee Structure

Studying MBBS in Philippines has increased among Indian Students in the recent years as it has made many successful doctors. Philippines are globally recognized nation which is popular tourist attraction and travel destination and even famed as TOP MBBS destination. MBBS in Philippines is an excellent choice among Indian Medical Students who wish to study abroad. Philippines are offering one of the best education systems in Asia at affordable prices and high quality Medical Education. The nation is having a 90% literacy rate which proves that education is of primary concern in the country.

English language is the largest speaking in Philippines and in the Southeast Asian region. Philippines are considered as leading exporters of English teachers, nurses, doctors and skilled workers abroad. MBBS course duration in Philippines is 6 years and for pre-medical BS course is 1.5 to 2 years followed by 4 years MD course which includes one year clinical clerkship. Philippines Medical College is not only limited to the students within the Philippines, but has also created the best doctors for many foreign countries such as the USA, UK, India, and Australia. In current years Philippines remains the best for International students looking to study MBBS abroad. The Medical Colleges in the Philippines offer Doctor of Medicine or MD degree which is correspondent to MBBS in the Indian System of Education. MBBS in Philippines fee structure is moderately low offering medical education to International students looking for low cost MBBS abroad. These aspects guarantee medical candidates to Study MBBS in Philippines from a distinguished medical college to have a bright career.

MBBS in Ukraine

Study MBBS in Ukraine is getting very popular among the students from various countries since last decade, as Ukraine has a high number of state governed MBBS Universities. Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe located at the northwest end of the Black Sea sharing its borders with Russia to the east, Belarus to the north, Poland to the northwest, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, and Romania to the south west and south, with Moldova in between. Ukraine is developed with huge number of Government Medical Universities offering MBBS, MD and other degrees in medicine to the local students as well as to the international students. All the flourished medical universities in Ukraine are accredited by the world’s major organizations like WHO and UNESCO.

MBBS Fees in Ukraine are very low and inexpensive as compared to other countries, as in Ukraine the education is highly subsidized by Government. There are many universities in Ukraine which are ranked among the top Medical Universities in the world therefore diverse students from different countries take admission in MBBS colleges of Ukraine. MBBS in Ukraine is the foremost option for Indian Students to pursue low-cost medical education without suffering costly education in India. Each and every university in Ukraine has its own admission criteria. NEET entrance examinations are mandatory examination for all Indian citizens and overseas citizens of India who want to Study MBBS in India and abroad. After graduation, medical students can practice medicine in India and other countries of the world after clearing the Medical Licensing Examination. Students can also practice medicine in any country of the world subject to clearing the country-specific Medical Licensing Examination.


MBBS in USA is an astute choice for Indian Students since medical programs in the United States of America are significance valued. Many Indian students aspire to Study in USA as it provides extraordinary opportunities to the students who desire to develop into victorious doctors. While the medical education system in USA is entirely special than most of the European countries like Russia, Ukraine, Georgia or Asian countries like China and Philippines, after a student completes his PG degree in medical in USA, he/she does not need to give any exam to practice in India. The healthy environment, astonishing education structure, and top medical universities in USA pull towards you numerous medical candidates worldwide. The complete period of MBBS courses in the USA is of 4 years.

MBBS in USA is more alert on practical understanding than just theoretical knowledge. Studying MBBS in USA will be an inspiring experience for students with proficiency, information and skills they achieve through the course. If one wants to set up an outstanding medical profession somewhere in the world then he/she can go for MBBS in USA. MBBS in USA will be an improving opportunity for students which will offer aptitude, information and aptitudes through the course. MBBS in USA could be an astute decision for students who are looking to gain top quality medical studies in the United States of America. Pursuing MBBS in USA is worth valued and #1 choice for many Indian students. MBBS in USA offers education to international students with reasonable fees structure & high quality infrastructure and education for growth and maturity of individuals. The magnificent annoyed traditions trend of USA attracts people to practice their studies and get a good job in this nation.

MBBS in Europe

Europe is one of the best places to study MBBS globally, as maximum number of the seats for MBBS in Europe is filled by the foreign students and now a day it is being one of the best choices of millions of young male and female students planning for MBBS in Europe from the top European Universities. Among the students who are willing to do MBBS in Europe has significantly increased over the last one decade. Universities in Europe offer high standard of MBBS education to all the MBBS students. Medical Universities in Europe present quality education in the field of medicine with the guiding principle of distinguished teachers and researchers. The cost of the medical degree in India is very high and very competitive. Indian Students want to Study MBBS in Europe by considering some major aspects are Quality education, Low cost, Admission process, Languages, Infrastructures, multicultural environment, recognition, and others.


Most of the European medical universities ask for the minimum requirement of marks in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and the students must have completed the age of 17 years on or before 31st December of the year of applying. Among the students who are willing to do MBBS abroad goes to Europe as it is the best choice for Indian students. European countries like Russia, Georgia, Poland, Germany etc. are well-known for offering world-class medical education. There are no entrance test results required for getting an admission. In India for scoring an admission into a reputed college, you have to clear their entrance test exam and then you get an admission.

Study MBBS abroad in 6 years

MBBS in India is a very expensive option for the students who get admission in private medical university in India and getting admission in government medical colleges is very difficult. So the Indian students look for abroad studies. There are so many options available to pursue any degree abroad but an MBBS degree from abroad absolutely makes sense due to many valid reasons. MBBS in overseas is way much cheaper than MBBS in India as in the majority of countries the medical education is vastly funded by the government of that specific country. Further MBBS in abroad is a great option since the structure of MCI approved Universities is with a low budget for Indian students. Yash Overseas is a leading MBBS Consultant in India who is a reliable official university representative offering consultancy services globally for MBBS Admission 2024. It’s not only the budget that is making MBBS abroad immensely popular among Indian students, but there are various other important reasons which are attracting a huge number of aspiring Indian medical students to study MBBS abroad.

How to Prepare for NMAT

As you all thing NMAT is not a very difficult exam if aware of the essential components of the exam. Other than if you are preparing for other MBA entrance exam this will be an added advantage as the syllabus for both are almost same. The preparation should be done as per the NMAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus. Further if you are wishing to prepare with NMAT Coaching, it is important to find out the best coaching for NMAT exam preparation. Even the best coaching for NMAT exam may have its draw backs in regard to imparting NMAT by GMAC coaching on certain topics. So along with your preparation through the best NMAT coaching, you should find out the best coaching for NMAT Exam Preparation 2024-2025 for the topics where you feel you are weak and need greater attention but not catered at your coaching institute.

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