Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to study abroad MBBS?

Yes, in some point of view as the students after acquiring an MBBS degree, can either return to their home country or practice in a foreign country. Further this results in higher income in the host country or in any foreign country, which in turn contributes to better ROI. Studying abroad is a lifetime experience for an individual.

What should I do to study MBBS abroad?

If you are willing to study MBBS abroad you would require to provide the following documents during the time of the admission process. Students could be wondering about the difficulty of applying overseas. However, the eligibility requirements and the admission process of studying MBBS abroad is far from complex. Candidates can read on to find a detailed list of eligibility criteria along with a step-by-step guide to the admission procedure to apply for MBBS abroad. For further details and queries contact us .

Which foreign country is best for MBBS?

Many students have the ambition to become a doctor. MBBS Abroad is widely known among the Asian Students. Russia and Georgia is most popular among the students in terms of economical and the teaching language which is taught in English.

Why Should I Study Abroad?

IIn recent years more number of Indian Students showing interest to study MBBS Abroad. The main factor is to get the wide exposure and more practical knowledge. When you study abroad you may get the chance to find out about another culture primary, kind world friendships, and follow an overseas language. The distinguishing challenges you face can assist you to grow in person, gain a stronger understanding of the globe, and improve your job prospects once graduation.

Difference between a MBBS degree from India and a MBBS degree from Abroad?

There are numerous subtle but important differences exist between the two. MBBS in India would mean either one from a government college or one from a private university while a qualification from government university is comparably in reorganization and market value to an MBBS through Yash Overseas from abroad and the fees is the main difference from India and abroad.

Is there any entrance exam to study MBBS abroad?

While planning to study MBBS abroad, if you go for countries like Russia, Georgia you need to qualify the NEET exam which is an eligibility criterion for the Indian students gaining the admission. No other entrance test is required for getting admission in MBBS abroad.

Can I get admission in an abroad university if I am not NEET qualified?

Sorry, without qualifying the NEET exam you won't be able to get admission in abroad university in countries like Georgia and Russia. You require at least the passing score to get the admission.

Which university do you suggest to study in Russia?

The below mentioned are the list of university to study in Russia

  • MBBS In Crimea Federal University
  • MBBS in Kazan Federal University
  • MBBS in Kabardino Balkarian State University
  • MBBS in Far Eastern Federal University
  • MBBS in Kazan State Medical University
  • MBBS in Petrozavodsk State Medical University
  • MBBS in Chuvash State Medical University
  • MBBS in Ulyanovsk State Medical University
  • MBBS in Volgograd State Medical University


Which are the safest places for Indian to pursue MBBS abroad?

We recommend Russia and Georgia for the students to pursue MBBS abroad and it is even considered to be the safest place for the Indian students.

Which are the cheapest places to study MBBS abroad?

Compared to the fees of Indian Medical Universities and other medical universities developed across Russian and Georgian Universities offer the low-cost fee structure for the Indian students. The Indian students get the travel allowance fare from the university as they are from other countries.

Can I get a job in Government Hospitals or apply in Medical Institutions of India after my medical degree from abroad?

Yes, After registering with MCI, the Doctor can apply for Government & Private jobs or do his/her own practice, as the person is now recognized by the Indian Authorities as a qualified Doctor.

How many times can I appear for FMGE?

There is no limit for appearing for FMGE test. The test is held twice a year, in June & December. You can appear for either June or December session.

Can I get a Bank Loan for MBBS studies abroad and to what extent?

As per RBI regulation Students pursuing education abroad can obtain a loan up to Rs. 15 Lacs. Visit the local branch to find the terms. Amount sanctioned depend on Income proof of Parents. i.e last three-year income Tax return / or salary Certificate. You will have to satisfy the criteria that the bank will apply. Visit the local branch of nationalized banks in your area to find out more.

Is MBBS Degree from abroad recognized in India and other countries?

YES, The Bachelor’s degree is recognized in India and in more than 180 countries around the World.

Does all the medical colleges abroad have hostel facilities?

Maximum of the medical colleges abroad now-a-days have hostel facilities. They also provide Indian food.

Can I do my internship from my country?

Yes, but it also depends on the university applied for and also the medical board of the country where the students want to do the internships.